Assassin's Creed III -Lead Artist

First artist on the production, in charge of the Frontier Environment. Research, style guides, tech development, pre-production, production of critical assets and leadership of a team of 12. Worked on press demos, E3 and milestone demos.

Splinter Cell Conviction -Senior Env. Artist

Worked on this level (White Box Laboratories) as the main level artist from conception to debug. Unprocessed screenshots taken by ingame cam.

War Photographer -Personal Work

Wanted to teach myself character modeling, anatomy and sculpting because I took on a lot of character reel direction at Vanarts. Lighting-wise, I wanted to go for a Carravagio, chiaroscuro type of values. Also inspired by Apocalypse Now.

Lighting reference guides

First guide was created for the 2nd term Environment modelling and Lighting class I teach. Second guide for the War Photographer project.

Fifa Street 2 -Lighting Artist

Did lighting (First pass baked, then everything hand painted) on these levels, some of the texturing (pitch textures, buildings, objects) and modeled props and buildings. I chipped in texturing and modelling on a couple other levels. I also worked with the lighting director, creating styleguides.

SSX on Tour -Lighting Artist

Lighting on 5 levels (Baked Lightmaps and Vertex Color) and helped test and troubleshoot the tools being developped.


We started a sketch group at work, 2 drawings per weeks on given themes Here`s some of them

"Self-portrait as an animal"
"Secret Nazi war machines"
"Bio-Mechanical power plant"

Targeted city -Personal Work

I modeled this environment as an easy way of learning XSI in 30 days.

Art Collaborations

Artwork for Autographic's Technoir Classics album

Artwork for 2007 collective Artshow "Ordinary"


Ten years of Photography and Cinematography experience

Student Reel Excerpts and Older work

Stills from a 5 minute short produced as a student, 2004.